Sunday, January 6, 2013

Practice Cards!

I have started using Practice cards in my classroom... and I am loving it!  My students know our 5 class rules inside out and when or if they misbehave they know exactly which rule they broke and so does everyone else.  Whole Brain Teaching creates a fun and positive atmosphere so when a rule is broken it is approached as if the student simply needs more practice with that specific rule.  They would never purposely break a rule to be malicious.  :)

"Johnny, because you continue to shout out and not raise your hand, it makes me think you needs more practice following rule number 2.  Please place rule number 2 practice card in your chart pocket."

Now here is the BEST part about practice cards...

Johnny will practice the rule he broke at recess for 2 minutes.  Johnny will repeat the rules with gestures for two minutes before he goes and plays.  Yes, he may feel funny doing this but just think he is becoming an expert with this rule!  LOVE IT!!

For more information click this link Whole Brain Teaching

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Super Improvers Wall!

Okay... so I am starting the Super Improvers Wall with my students!  Oh sweet mamma, I am so excited!  After searching the internet for great examples and free resources, I have created my own wall...

The Super Improvers Wall motivates students to improve beyond their current academic and/or behavior performance.  Each student is trying to move up the top level, genius, by showing improvement.  This is not a race with other students.  Students will be focus on their own progression and improvement.  My classroom has an extremely wide range of learners and the Super Improvers wall will be able to hit everyone's needs!  It will challenge every student no matter their academic/behavior performance.  It is all about ... IMPROVING!      

Everyone starts with a white star chart - the color of the star charts will reflect what level they are on.  Once they have earned 10 stars by showing improvement they will move up to the next color level.  There are special surprises at different levels... picture time!  

To learn more about the Super Improvers Wall - go to

The cute level signs were found on TPT!  Teacher Pay Teacher