Tuesday, October 30, 2012

5 Class Rules

Our 5 Class Rules!

I wanted to share these super cute Class Rules Posters.  I found these posters on Pinterest - of course!  The teacher who created these posters has a great blog with lots of other fun ideas for the classroom.  

I have implemented these Whole Brain Teaching rules and, for the first time, my students actually have fun with the rules! They LOVE reviewing the rules and doing the gestures - I know, it's crazy huh!? I introduced one rule a day and we review, model, review, model... you get the picture! By introducing one rule a day my students were so curious and excited to find out the next rule. :) 

Our rules: (each rule has their own gestures.)  
Follow directions quickly! 
Raise your hand for permission to speak 
Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
Make smart choices!
Keep your dear teacher happy! 

I love the last rule - it serves as a big umbrella for possible misbehaviors... so yes, I have a rule for everything.  

My class reviews the rules every morning. My calendar helper leads the class with the rule review. According to the WBT website - You must have the rules running around in your students’ heads for them to be effective. My students know the rules forwards and backwards.  Whenever I notice a kiddo or kiddos not following one of our rules I simply say the rule number that they are not following and the kiddos recite that rule.  It serves as a quick reminder.  

Watch this WBT video  This teacher does a great job reviewing the class rules!  She is very energetic and animated!  


 Class? Yes!  Oh Class? Oh Yes!!

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Ashley and I am currently in my seventh year of teaching.  I taught first grade for six years and last year I made the big move to second grade.  I have created this blog for multiple reasons, one being a chance to simply share and showoff what's gong on in my classroom.  I enjoy sharing new ideas and collaborating with other educators.  It is what keeps me motived and current in my practices.  My inner nerd comes out when googling teaching related ideas... hi, my name is Ashley and I am addicted to Pinterest!    
Two years ago I stumbled upon a YouTube video on Whole brain Teaching.  I immediately was hooked, excited, and eager to implement Whole Brain Teaching in my classroom.  I love how Whole Brain Teaching creates such an energetic classroom.  Students are more attentive and engaged in the lessons.  Students are actively involved in the lessons and are having fun.  I have explored many websites, blogs, and YouTube videos about WBT and this year I went full force with the implementation of Whole Brain Teaching.  My classroom now uses many WBT strategies such as class? Yes!, hands and eyes, Teach? Ok!, scoreboard, 5 class rules, etc.  This blog will serve as a vehicle for sharing my Whole Brain Teaching experiences.  

If you are new to Whole Brain teaching, you might want to visit and explore this website... lots of great info and ideas.