Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting organized!

Yes, Whole Brain Teaching is Notebook worthy!  As I start collecting and gathering all the amazing resources, games, and WBT ideas I think it is time to create my own Whole Brain Teaching Notebook.  So far I have a few games to help with math fact fluency, sight word fluency, and reading comprehension.  I am including the cute signs for the Super Improvers Wall - I found them on Teacher Pay Teacher.  I am also keeping my Whole Brain Teaching Certification points documents in this notebook for safekeeping!  

Speaking of amazing WBT ideas, I have started using practice cards in my classroom and I absolutely love them!  If I notice a student not following one of our 5 rules, I simply give them a practice card for the rule they were not following.  They will place the practice card in our class chart.  "I notice you are having a difficult time following rule number 2.  Looks like you might need some more practice following that rule."  If students have a practice card in the class chart, they will practice reciting the rule and using the gestures for the first two minutes of recess.  I love approaching their misbehavior as they just need more practice instead of they are in trouble.  Just a positive spin on it!  Check out the WBT website for a free download of the practice cards!  

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