Sunday, November 4, 2012


According to the WBT website, "When you are ready for your class to teach each other, explain that you want the ones to teach the twos.  When you call out "Switch", they should respond "Switch!"  Then the twos will teach the ones.  Thus, you are guaranteed that every student in class is equally involved in speaking and listening."

In the past, I have done a lot of turn and teach activities.  I noticed that the majority of the time my students would simply turn and all talk at the same time... there wasn't a designated listener and talker.  It was like they were talking at each other not to each other.  The kiddos that LOVE talking were the dominant force in the activity.  My more reserved kiddos would just sit back and listen.  This led me to SWITCH - a whole brain teaching strategy.  When I am teaching my student on the floor, we are usually sitting in a circle.  I quickly have the kiddos number off 1, 2 around the circle or peanut butter, jelly (the kiddo like that one!) I do this before any lesson.  During my lesson I can quickly have my student turn to their partner to share/teach.  It is a smooth process!  I will say Teach?  My students will respond okay!  Ones teach first and twos listen first.  I will then say switch.  The students will respond by saying switch.  The ones will become the listeners and the twos will become the talkers.  

I have placed a picture of a peanut butter jar on some desks and the neighboring desks I placed a picture of a jelly jar.  This is just a cute visual for kiddos to have when we turn and teach a partner.   

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