Saturday, November 24, 2012

Notes on Oral Writing

First of all, I apologize for the note taking formate.  I am starting to implement oral writing in my classroom and I will be using this post as a resource to help guide my teaching!  

The goal of Oral Writing - To verbally practice writing skills

 question — answer — adder — concluder 

1. Teach kids to answer in complete sentences!
Teach the wrong way to answer questions first.  Makes the right way so much more obvious.
The answer must repeat part of the question.
Cuff your hand behind your ear – That means I didn’t hear your complete sentence…silent prompt

2. Teach kids to add details to their answer – the adder  
Point index fingers towards each other in a spinning motion — that means give me more details... silent prompt 
The answer to the question is the topic sentence! 

3. Teach kids to add a conclusion — the concluder
Umpire Safe gesture — means conclusion... silent prompt
“in conclusion…”

What if a student needs help, doesn't know what to say? 
The student can shout out “help me” and other students may then give suggestions. 

Fabulous Gestures...  

Because – clap
Adding more details – roll fingers (also, because…etc)
Periods – honk
From example – pull from head
Adjectives – kiss fingers… spicy
Off topic – walk your fingers down your arm, jump off if it’s an off topic sentence - shout Aiii.  

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